Factory Customized Graphite Mould for Copper Continuous Casting

      High Mechanical Strength Hollow Graphite die Used for continious casting                                                                   

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      High Mechanical Strength Hollow Graphite die Used for continious casting                                                                                                                    lttrade.en.made-in-china.com

A: Company profile
As a proud subsidiary of L.T Group, L.T Graphite with four producing bases located at middle of China, Henan province, and a branch producing base at Sichuan province. L.T graphite covers the entire value chain of fine and medium grain graphite production. From raw material selection, semi-finished product manufacture, precision machining, impregnation, purification, and coating. This is how we ensure the consistent high quality and performance of our products. 
Factory Customized Copper Continuous Casting Use Graphite Dies

B: High purity graphite materials

  High purity graphite (scaly high conductive carbon powder), ideal inorganic nonmetallic materials, with specialties: high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistant, antioxidant, low resistivity, anti corrosion, suitable for precision machining etc. Widely applied to produce electric heating element, structural casting die, crucible or vessel for smelting high purity metals, heater for single crystal furnace, EDM graphite, sintering graphite mold, positive extreme of electron tube, metal plating, graphite crucible for semiconductor technology etc.
Application: with outstanding features as high strength, high bulk density, high purity, chemical stability, uniform structure, high temperature resistant, high conductivity, good wear resistance, self-lubrication, easy to processing etc. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace, electronics, machinery, nuclear energy and other industrial fields.  More important, large specifications graphite block, as an alternative material, has broad application space and broad application prospect in the field of high-tech and new technology.

Factory Customized Copper Continuous Casting Use Graphite Dies

C: High purity graphite mold

High purity fine grain graphite molds service many companies in the metallurgical, chemical, aerospace, mould manufacturing, petroleum, textile,  primary metals, powered metal, and the heat treat industry manufacturing countless items to their specifications.
We have 32 producing lines with skilled workers (operating experiences over 15 years), and CNC machining facility, monthly producing capacity over 50 tons. Quick response mechanism promise your inquiry will get replied in 12 hours.

L.T. Graphite is committed to providing customers high quality graphite molds.
1. Graphite dies for diamond saw blades ( vertical and lateral press graphite dies).
2. Graphite mold for diamond bit (Integral, Combination, Fan-shaped, Straight Tooth).
3. Graphite mold for bead string saw blade.
4. Graphite mold for cemented carbide sintering on grinding wheel/disc.
5. Our experienced professionals can design and process graphite molds of various specifications according to your requirements or drawings.

Graphite products are highly customized products, our main products as table below:
itemproduct namespecification and model
1graphite gasketφ100*2 etc.
2graphite boat/boxoutsideφ306*96*60 inside290*80*50 etc.
3graphite grainφ3*2.5 etc.
4graphite bead moldφ11.5*6 etc.
5graphite diamond tool die40*3.6*10 etc.
6graphite gangsaw mold20*8*6 etc.
7graphite grinding strip40*10*10 etc.
8graphite drilling moldφ56 24*4*10 etc.
9graphite reamer moldφ85φ65 etc.
10graphite cutting sheetpersonalized customization
11graphite tubepersonalized customization
12Other customized graphite mold 

Factory Customized Copper Continuous Casting Use Graphite Dies


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