Factory Customized Hot Press Sintered Graphite Moulds for Rough Machined Wheels

Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for bruting wheels                                                                    lttrade.en.mad

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Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for bruting wheels

A: Company profile
    L.T Group has a comprehensive product and technology portfolio that focuses on four field
of graphite - ultrafine particle graphite mould, graphite electrode, graphite crucible, as well as
other products mainly made of graphite.
     Graphite materials exhibit unique properties such as good electrical and thermal conductivity,
heat and corrosion resistance, low friction, and reduced weight while at the same time maintaining
high strength. Due to the shortage of energy and raw materials, our high performance products
made from graphite are in increasingly high demand in industries. They also play a progressively
important role in everyday life, thereby substituting traditional materials.
Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for Bruting Wheels

B: Why choose us
  Graphite mould plays a dual role in the process of diamond tools manufacture:Heating element
and Supporting mold.The quality of graphite mold is very important, will directly affect the next
diamond tools' accuracy and appearance.So, which kind of graphite mold is suitable for sintering
diamond tools:

  a: Good performance on conductivity and high rate resistivity
  b: Enough Mechanical Strength
  c: Good performance on Oxidation resistance
  d: Durable

  Our mold features:
Raw materials is very important, We only use Ultrafine particle structure, High purity and High
graphitization raw graphite materials.

Our finished graphite mold is:
  a: dense structure and low porosity
  b: Fined surface and low rate heat-deformation
  c: High mechanical strength and machining accuracy
  d: Oxidation resistance and durable

Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for Bruting Wheels

C: Product features
1.The processing materials are ultrafine granule structure, high purity and graphite with high
graphitization degree.
2.High hardness, good anti-oxidation performance and high machining accuracy
3.Good conductivity, high resistivity, sufficient mechanical strength
4.Small porosity and dense structure.
5.Excellent thermal shock resistance, conductive and thermal conductivity.
6.High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good wear resistance.
7.Surface can be treated with anti-oxidation.
Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for Bruting Wheels

D: Processing method
1. Customer provide design drawings.
2. Our technical team will check, analyze the drawings, and divide the drawing to reasonable parts
if needed, and prepare proper graphite blocks .Our mechanics will design and customize grinding wheel.
3. Our workers will grinding and polishing graphite block according to the instructions of mechanics.
This process may need operating few times if needed.We will strictly keep deviation within ±0.03-0.08mm.
4. Then our packing team will assembling different parts into a whole graphite mold.During the
assembling period, unqualified products will be picked out.
Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for Bruting Wheels

E: Manufacturing a sintering mould


Understanding changes in the coefficient of thermal expansion is very important when designing a sintering mould. Our grades have been studied over a wide range of temperatures and offer remarkable stability.


The material used to manufacture a graphite mould is selected based on the process temperature and pressure requirements. Some of our grades are selected when the material's electrical and thermal conductivity are the prioritised parameters in order to reduce cycle time. When the process pressure is too high, the mechanical strength of the mould is prioritised. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the best grades adapted to your specific needs.
Bulk Density  g/cm31.81.851.851.91
Electrical Resistivity  uΩ·m10-128.5-1011-1311-13
Flexural Strength  MPa 43465160
Compressive Strength  MPa 8085115135
Thermal Conductivity  W/m*K110139.28585
Temperature resistance ºC4350435043504350
Ash content  %

Factory Customized Hot-Pressing Sintering Graphite Die for Bruting Wheels


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