Conductive carbon paper for graphite gasket

Electrically conductive carbon paper for graphite gasket:Item 1Graphite foilCarbon content          %95----99.9  all availableSpecificResistance                   μΩ-m3--7Sulfur content          

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Electrically conductive carbon paper for graphite gasket:
Item 1Graphite foil
Carbon content          %95----99.9  all available
SpecificResistance                   μΩ-m3--7
Sulfur content           ppm0----1200  all available
Chlorin content           ppm≤35
CompressiveStrength      Mpa≥160
Flexural Strength  Mpa≥4.5
Density    g/cm31 + - 0.05
Compressing modulus         ≥40%
Item 2Graphite strengthed sheet 304
Carbon content          %≥99
Sulfur content           ppm≤1100
Chlorin content           ppm≤50
TensileStrength      Mpa≥40
Density    g/cm31.25 + - 0.05
Compressing modulus         30-35%
Rebounding modulus10--12%
Item 3Graphite strengthed sheet 316
Carbon content          %≥99
SpecificResistance                   μΩ-m3--7
Sulfur content           ppm≤1200
Chlorin content           ppm≤40
TensileStrength      Mpa≥40
Density    g/cm31.25 + - 0.05
Compressing modulus         30-35%
Rebounding modulus19%
The graphite paper we produced can be widely used in the elctric power, patroleum, chemistry industry,
michinery, etc. It is an ideal motive sealing and static sealing material that can be used in the machine, pump, valve 
and tube, the subsituation of the rubber, fluroplastic, asbestos, ect. It is also the basic material to make all kinds of 
graphite composite boards, graphite strip, padding, and the sealing gasket. Its using circumstance is -200ºC-650ºC 
in the normal air condition, while in the non oxidation conditon, it is -200ºC-3000ºC. 

The advantage of the graphite paper:
It is an exellent subsituation of the rubber, fluroplastic, asbestos, ect. Can be widely used in the elctric power, 
patroleum, chemistry industry, instrument, michinery, etc. 
Our company is the professional manufacturer and exporter for carbon and graphite  products. our company was established at 2000.Our factory is located in Beijing city.and 50 kilometers from Beijing airport.
We mainly produse graphite rod, graphite block, graphi.te crucible,graphite mould, graphite bearing,graphite felt,carbon fiber cloth,etc.
make it according to drawing and specifications.
for the graphite,We have mold graphite,isostatic graphite,extruded graphite,vibration graphite. bulk density from 1.6g/cm3 to 1.91g/cm3.
Carbon-graphite products for electron and semiconductor industry
 Carbon-graphite products for application of processing by industrial furnace under high temperature;--
Carbon-graphite products for sintering mold of diamond tools
 Carbon-graphite products for non-ferrous metallurgy and processing; 
 Carbon-graphite products for mechanical industry; 
Carbon-graphite products for high-tech field  
Carbon-graphite products for EDM
Carbon-graphite products for aviation and aerospace industry

We believe that duo to our high quality graphite material and formed graphite parts at very competitive prices with professional service,broad product knowledge and technical expertise can help you save much resource and improve your efficiency,and satisfy more of your customers' needs.


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