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1. About Dasen:Professional solution provider including pyrolytic graphite, silicone pad, die-cutting,specialties graphite, ceramic filtration membrane.Services in telecommunications, industrial consumer electronics and medical, new energy vehicles, machinery, environmental enginee

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1. About Dasen:
Professional solution provider including pyrolytic graphite, silicone pad, die-cutting,
specialties graphite, ceramic filtration membrane.

Services in telecommunications, industrial consumer electronics and medical, new energy vehicles, machinery, environmental engineering.
Used in soft circuit board, backlight module, touch panel, mechanical hardware, finished product assembly and environmental protection engineering industry
Four factories:  Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and Qingdao.
Certificates: ISO9001,IATF16949,ISO14001,UL…

Suzhou Sales Center

DASEN is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of pyrolytic graphite, specialties graphite, die-cutting, silicone pad and plate ceramic membranes. The pyrolytic graphite factory is in Jiangxi; the specialties graphite is in Shandong; the silicone pad factory is in Jiangsu, and the ceramic membrane factory is in Anhui province. And the sales center is in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

2. Synthetic graphite sheet:
Synthetic graphite sheet, also called artificial graphite sheet, is a new film material made of Polyimide by sintering.
Synthetic graphite is a material consisting of graphitic carbon which has been obtained by graphitizing of non-graphitic carbon, by CVD from hydrocarbons at temperatures above 2500 K, by decomposition of thermally unstable carbides or by crystallizing from metal melts supersaturated with carbon.

Pictures of synthetic graphite sheet:

Features of synthetic graphite sheet:

• Excellent thermal conductivity: up to 1950 W/m•K (2 to 5 times as high as copper, 3 to 8 time as high as aluminum)
• Lightweight: Specific gravity: 1.9 to 2.1 g/cm3
• Flexible and easy to be cut. (Withstands repeated bending)
• Low thermal resistance
• Low heat resistance with flexible graphite sheet
• Low repulsion and easy to keep the product's shape after attaching
• RoHS, REACH compliant

Parameters of synthetic graphite sheet:
Thickness (mm)DSN5012DSN5017DSN5025DSN5032DSN5040DSN5050
Thermal conductivityX-Y axis 1700~19001500~17001400~16001300~15001200~14001100~1300
Z axis15~1815~1816~1917~2018~2018~21
Density (g/cm3)>2.05>2.05>21.8~1.91.75~1.851.65~1.75
  Hardness(shore A)858585858585
Tensile strength (psi) 650650650650650650
Heat resistance400400400400400400
 temperature (ºC)
Thermal resistance (ºC)0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%
Electric conductivity (s/cm)190001900019000190001900019000
3. Workshop of synthetic graphite sheet:

Manufacturing technology and characteristics of synthetic graphite sheet:

Production process of synthetic graphite sheet:

4. Application:
As electronics get faster, thinner and more powerful, the thermal challenges are more demanding than ever.
The graphite sheet with high thermal conductivity and light weight can provide the best thermal management solution. It is widely used in smartphones, PC, ultra HD TV, LED lamp, solar energy, battery, VR, new energy vehicles, wireless charging and other fields.

5. Quality control (STRICT QC SYSTEM):
• Quality policy - The policy aims at satisfying our customer by way of initializing an updated quality management and sticking to the top requirement of "quality first" in an attempt to achieve an elite project finally.
• Quality objective - Provide our customer with products in full line with relevant contract and standard by way of strictly conforming to quality control procedure and intensifying avoiding common quality faults to be sure of an effective operation of the quality assurance and quality control system, achieve a zero quality accident rate and realize good project construction quality.
• Quality Assurance System and Function - Establish quality assurance and effective quality control system before construction in order to ensure the realization of construction quality objective.  
• Work - Post Responsibility - Responsibility of Project Manager.

6. Laboratory and product inspection equipment:

7. Experienced R&D team:
Dasen has a research and development team with 2 ph. D. leading more than 20 high-end R & D technicians. Dasen also owns a sound management process and advanced development tools.

8. Certificates and patents:
ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015, IATF16949-2016, UL
We obtained more than 30 invention patents and utility model patent and gained the honor: "scientific and technological innovation enterprises", "Jiangxi Province special new enterprises", "national high-tech enterprises".

9. Business culture:
DSN adheres to Taiji culture of respecting social and loving people, fulfilling social responsibility, publicizing the environment and development, and realizing the common growth of society, enterprises and employees.
As Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along. DSN will work hard to press ahead and create new splendor.


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